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Heating Repair Services
& New Installations

Check out the complete range of options below to find the heating system that works best for your needs. Then call Boss Mechanical for your no-charge, no obligation consultation.


Keeping your home or business warm and comfortable isn’t always easy in our cold Canadian winters. That’s why you need the wide range of commercial and residential heating options, including the top-quality equipment, professional installation and complete maintenance and repair services offered by Boss Mechanical.

  • Prompt, reliable installation, maintenance and repairs for a wide range of heating systems, from traditional furnaces to combination systems, in-floor heating, radiators, unit heaters – even pool heaters
  • Get a fast response when you call our live customer service line
  • Expert advice on the best heating systems for your home or business
  • Save on energy costs with efficient, eco-friendly equipment
  • All at reasonable rates with helpful financing options

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Trained, licensed and experienced heating system specialists are committed and ready to ensure you get complete satisfaction from your heating system equipment installation, maintenance and repair.


Heating Services

Heat Pumps

It’s an air conditioner. It’s a heater. It’s a dehumidifier. It’s all-in-one. When you want to maximize home comfort while reducing your heating and air conditioning costs, heat pumps are a versatile solution.

Unit Heaters

Whether you need to heat all or part of a warehouse or garage, Boss Mechanical has the powerful, efficient unit heater for the job. And they all deliver the performance you expect, from instant heat, to adjustable heat direction and whisper-quiet operation.

Tube Heaters

If you need to heat spaces that are regularly exposed to the cold, like loading docks, auto shops and agricultural buildings, tube heaters give you fast, efficient heating for a fraction of the cost of conventional furnaces and heaters.

High-Velocity Systems

High-velocity heating and cooling systems give you the similar heating and cooling power of regular furnaces and air conditioners, but from a much smaller package. They are ideal for older home renovations and newer home installations where you want to maximize living space.


If you’re looking for the consistent comfort of radiant heating combined with the cost-saving, energy efficiency of a system that recovers heat lost through venting, it’s time to look into heating your home with steam from a boiler.

Combination Systems

Combining home heating with water heating might be the ultimate in energy efficiency, cost savings and space savings for any home or business. Why buy, install and maintain two or more pieces of equipment when one will do?

In-Floor Heating

We all know the uniquely nasty shock of stepping onto a cold floor. Make the icy chill of cold floors a thing of the past and enjoy the cozy comfort, silence and efficient heating with in-floor heating systems throughout your home.

Snow/Ice Melt

Whether you have a steep driveway, or you just don’t like shoveling, a snow and ice melting system offers more than incredible convenience. They make your home safer in winter and add make it more valuable too.

Air Handlers

Air handlers maximize the overall efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. But, even better, you’ll enjoy more comfortable temperatures and cleaner air in your home all year-round.


More than the cast-iron versions of your childhood, today’s vertical room radiators are available in a wide range of contemporary designs, a variety of finishes and the heating power to make your home warm and stylish.


From the convenience of an instant flame at the flick of a switch, to the comfortable warmth of a wood fire, there might not be a cozier way to heat your home than with an electric or gas fireplace, or a wood-burning stove.

Pool Heaters

Whether you have a pool or you’re thinking of installing one, the investment in a high-efficiency pool heater pays off by increasing the amount of time you can comfortably enjoy the pool and in lower energy costs than ever before.