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Water Heaters

Being in hot water never felt so good. Why? Because when you choose a water heating system from Boss Mechanical, you get plentiful, consistent hot water throughout your home or commercial building while saving money on installation, energy and water costs.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be totally satisfied with your water heater. To make sure that happens, our technicians are all fully trained and qualified and we install only the most dependable and durable equipment in the market.

  • New installations or upgrades and complete maintenance and repairs for a full range of water heater options
  • Get service in hours, not days when you call our live customer service line
  • Get friendly, expert advice on the right water heating systems for your home or business
  • Great rates and great financing options too!

Free Consultation: See below for the complete range of water heater options we offer. Then call Boss Mechanical for a no-charge, no obligation consultation.

Water Heater Rental

Let Boss Mechanical ease your mind by providing you with the knowledge needed to make a smart decision that will best meet your home’s needs. 


Water Heater Systems

Hot Water Tanks

There’s no easier way for you to conserve energy and enjoy consistently hot baths and showers than with a new electric or gas water heater. Choose from a variety of water capacities and tank sizes to best suit your needs.

Tankless Water heaters

Why not free-up space in your home and reduce your water and energy consumption at the same time? You’ll only heat the water you use and not waste money heating water that just sits in the tank.

Combination Systems

Combining home heating with water heating into one same system might be the smartest idea for energy efficiency, cost savings and space savings in any home or business. Why buy, install and maintain two or more pieces of equipment when one will do?